Open a Business in Latvia and receive a 50% subsidy from Eurofund

Trout farming in Latvia

We are planning to build the largest fish farm in the Baltics in Latvia. Productivity is 1000 tons of handicap per year. Estimated cost 8 million euros.
We are looking for an investor to implement this project.

Vasiliy Krasnoborodko

My name is Vasily Vsevolodovich Krasnoborodko. I am a PhD in Engineering Science. Oceanologist. Experience in aquaculture for 30 years. He completed training in the Russian Federation, the USA and Israel.
I design and build fish farms all over the world.
He worked from Sweden to Thailand.
In Latvia, he built 5 fish farms with the support of Eurofund, in Russia 3 units. There are about 30 in total around the world.

Construction of an automatic fish farm in Sweden

In Latvia, almost all trout are imported.
The average annual consumption of fish per person in Europe is 2 kg per year.
Therefore, the volume of the trout market in Latvia is approximately 2000 tons per year.

Shipment of farmed fish to customers

Currently, I plan to build in Latvia the largest recirculating water supply system in the Baltics for trout breeding, but not as a design consultant, but as a co-owner of a business. I plan to grow 1000 tons of fish per year at this RAS. For example, little Denmark grows 20 thousand tons of trout per year. The entire Baltic region is currently only 300 tons. The profitability of a fish farm with a capacity of 1000 tons / year is about 1.1 million euros per year.
The cost of a trout with a capacity of 1000 tons is approximately 8 million euros.

There is a well-developed Business Plan, approved by the Eurofunds last year, in the amount of 8 million euros.

Considering that the trout will be built in stages, module by module with a capacity of 100 tons / year each, then the remaining amount from you, as an investor, will be required gradually.

We have our own team that can implement our plans in Latvia.

We have three startups in IT in aquaculture

We also have innovative software that supports trout automation.

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